Optimizing Enterprise Java
for a Microservices Architecture

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MicroProfile 3.3

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MicroProfile 3.3

The MicroProfile 3.3 release is now available! Based on MicroProfile's time-boxed release process, this is an incremental release that includes an update to MicroProfile Config 1.4, MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 2.1, MicroProfile Health 2.2, MicroProfile Metrics 2.3, and MicroProfile Rest Client 1.4.

No change from MicroProfile 3.2 Release

MicroProfile Starter

MicroProfile Starter helps developers kickstart their microservices development journey, choosing the runtime they’re most comfortable with from the list of available implementations for the MicroProfile version selected.

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The Mission

An open forum to optimize Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture by innovating across multiple implementations and collaborating on common areas of interest with a goal of standardization.

Help optimize Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture.

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