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MicroProfile Compatible Implementations

Want to get your implementation listed? Follow these instructions.

Implementation Certification Process


MicroProfile 6.1
MicroProfile 6.1 adopts Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile.
MicroProfile 6.0
Enables MicroProfile APIs to be used together with the full set of Jakarta EE 10 specifications.
MicroProfile 5.0
This release is mainly focused on updating dependencies from javax to jakarta.
MicroProfile 4.1
In this release, the requirement that CCR’s need to be certified with Java SE 8 has been lifted to include any version above Java SE 8. MicroProfile Health has minor update.

MicroProfile releases prior to 4.1

MicroProfile 4.0 and prior releases can not be classified as having compatible implementations.

A list of those implementations are found here.

See Implementation List