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¡Lanzamiento de MicroProfile 6.0 y adopción del perfil Jakarta EE 10 Core!

Publicación original 10 de enero de 2023 aquí MicroProfile, una comunidad de código abierto que colabora en microservicios Java empresariales, se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de MicroProfile 6.0! MicroProfile 6.0 adopta Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile. Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile define un perfil base para entregar los componentes…

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Jakarta EE and MicroProfile at EclipseCon Community Day 2022

Community Day at EclipseCon 2022 was held in person on Monday, October 24 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Community Day has always been a great event for Eclipse working groups and project teams, including Jakarta EE/MicroProfile. This year was no exception. A number of great sessions were delivered from prominent folks in…

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