Tutorials on each Eclipse MicroProfile Specification

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To help newcomers or Java EE developers to start with Eclipse MicroProfile, I’ve created a tutorial for each specification. These tutorials cover all twelve specs and discuss each in detail with code-examples. Furthermore, there is a YouTube video for each spec available to see it in-action. The whole source code…

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Microprofile CustomConfigSource with Database

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With the Microprofile-Config API there is a new and easy way to deal with configuration properties in an application. The Microprofile-Config API allows you to access config and property values form different sources like: System.getProperties() (ordinal=400) System.getenv() (ordinal=300) all META-INF/microprofile-config.properties files Developers can find a good introduction into the Microprofile…

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How to Use MicroProfile and JDK Features to Scale Your Apps in the Cloud

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https://dzone.com/articles/how-to-use-recent-microprofile-and-jdk-features-to Managing a potentially unlimited number of autonomous, loosely coupled and frequently updated microservices on top of a flexible cloud infrastructure, creates new challenges for developers. This article outlines features of recent JDK and MicroProfile updates for reliably deploying and scaling cloud applications while continuously integrating network and service updates….

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ebook: Building an API Backend with MicroProfile

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https://kodnito.com/posts/building-an-api-backend-with-microprofile-ebook/ Background on e-book project and its value,  a few weeks ago, after requesting open feedback from the MicroProfile Community and participating in the Community hangout  dated 2/19/19, I was a part of the ebook’s Q&A.   Excited, I started working on a MicroProfile ebook called Building an API Backend with MicroProfile. The ebook…

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