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I am thrilled to share my latest endeavor: Developing the Official MicroProfile API Tutorial in collaboration with the MicroProfile Working Group.

As the landscape of cloud-native development evolves, equipping developers with the knowledge and skills to navigate these changes is essential. Accordingly, I am working on this Official MicroProfile API Tutorial to meet this need, offering a comprehensive resource for developers at all stages of their journey.

Furthermore, this initiative is a collaborative effort, and the support of the MicroProfile Working Group has been invaluable. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute content to the MicroProfile community. Also, I am eager to see how these tutorials will evolve with the collective input and expertise of the community.

I invite you to join us on this journey at and #847 ( Your insights, feedback, and contributions are essential to creating a comprehensive and enriching learning resource. Thus, together, we can shape the future of enterprise Java microservices.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Reza RahmanClark RoundyKito MannEmily JiangJohn Clingan, Amelia Eiras(, and many other MicroProfilers for their invaluable support and guidance as I embark on this journey.

Stay tuned for more updates about our progress!

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