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MicroProfile is an open forum that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservice architecture by innovating across multiple implementations and collaborating on common areas of interest with a goal of standardization.

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Becoming a member of the MicroProfile Working Group demonstrates a commitment to the evolution and sustainability of MicroProfile while ensuring the continued growth and development of a well-governed, vendor-neutral Open Source ecosystem.

Protect your strategic investment in MicroProfile, including ensuring the relevancy of your products and your developers’ skills for the next generation of technology

Play a role in defining MicroProfile strategic themes and priorities to evolve the platform in alignment with your requirements and use cases — and those of your customers

Influence over the technology roadmap

Release Guideline

The Specification Projects development uses the MPSP.
  • MicroProfile Specification Process (MPSP)
  • MicroProfile Specification Review Template
  • MPWG Ballots Templates


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The MicroProfile Community continues to operate via mailing lists. Each email requires the individual to subscribe to be able to contribute.


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