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MicroProfile Working Group

MicroProfile is an open forum that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservice architecture by innovating across multiple implementations and collaborating on common areas of interest with a goal of standardization.

Most popular topics:

Word on the street about MicroProfile

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Why should you consider joining MicroProfile Working Group?

Becoming a member of the MicroProfile Working Group demonstrates a commitment to the evolution and sustainability of MicroProfile while ensuring the continued growth and development of a well-governed, vendor-neutral Open Source ecosystem.

Protect your strategic investment in MicroProfile, including ensuring the relevancy of your products and your developers’ skills for the next generation of technology

Play a role in defining MicroProfile strategic themes and priorities to evolve the platform in alignment with your requirements and use cases — and those of your customers

Influence over the technology roadmap


The Steering Committee Discussion Minutes provide the history of all the committee discussions that have happened, since October 1st, 2020, that the members approve.
  1. New Member Onboarding Guidelines
  2. MicroProfile Working Group GitHub Repository
  3. MicroProfile Working Group Mailing list
  4. MicroProfile Working Group Google External Drive
Committer Representative
Emerson Castañeda
Summer Pittman
Vincent Mayers
Emily Jiang
Nathan Rauh
Ed Bratt
Dmitry Kornilov
David Blevins
Amelia Eiras
John Clingan
Roberto Cortez
Kenji Kazumura
Takahiro Nagao
Reza Rahman
Ed Burns
Mingyue Huang
Bruce Liu
Alfonso Altamirano
Luis Neto

Guest Members

Guest Members As stated in the MicroProfile Working Group Charter, it is the sole prerogative of the Steering Committee to invite Organizations to contribute as Guest Members to the Working Group. The invite is valid for the MP year and secured via an e-ballot through the MPWG mailing list. The Guest Members pay no annual fees and have no voting rights.
Michael Redlich


Learn more about the MicroProfile Charter

The MicroProfile community values the following principles:
Limited processes, Experiment and innovate, No backwards compatibility guarantee, Implementation first, Encouraging brand adoption, Openness, and Low barrier to entry.  Read more


Learn more about the MicroProfile Working Group
  • The MPWG Charter 7 pillars are: Limited processes, Experiment and innovate, No backward compatibility guarantee, Implementation first, Encourage brand adoption, Openness, & Low barrier.
  • The MicroProfile Lifecycle Status shows the trajectory of the project becoming a member of the Eclipse Foundation Working Group Projects.
  • The Infractucture Admins Inventory lists and shows the MicroProfile core believe By Community For Community! The sheet contains individual volunteers accross the ecosystem, who are trusted to uphold the keys to MicroProfile infra. MicroProfile is 100 percent run by its community. No Eclipse hires nor Eclipse purchased services.
  • The New Members Onboarding Wiki lowers the bar to entry for new MPWG Members.
  • The MPWG Repository tracks the work set-up either by the yearly Project Plan or Releases, etc.
  • The MPWG and Jakarta EE communities created & voted on a Positioning Message that explains the powerful collaboration that exists between the two communities. Learn more about the shared Implementations, Members, API collaboration, and the differences between the 2 projects.

Release Guideline

The Specification Projects development uses the MPSP.
  • MicroProfile Specification Process (MPSP)
  • MicroProfile Specification Review Template
  • MPWG Ballots Templates
  • Eclipse Foundation Antitrust Compliance Policy

Program Plan & Budget

MicroProfile provides 100 percent transparency on its money expenditures.

The MicroProfile yearly Program Plan is drafted and completed in the open with the MicroProfile community. Once it is approved by The Steering Committee, a MicroProfile budget is prepared by Eclipse Management Organization (EMO). The Steering Committee is required to review and vote on the budget proposed by the EMO.

Five (5) yearly fees are paid to the Eclipse Foundation. Those fees are constant costs for MicroProfile. The fees take + ~80% of the MicroProfile budget:

  1. Ops- Working Group Operations and Governance fee
  2. General & Administration – G&A fee (12%)
  3. Trademark Surveillance fee
  4. Events Support fee
  5. Shared Marketing Services fee

Under Marketing Expenses allocation expenses, it’s acceptable to overspend in one line item and underspend in another without formally adjusting the approved budget. The EMO will adjust the expenditures based on the costs incurred.

MicroProfile Program Plan & Budget folder  archives the past MPWG Program Plans and Budgets.

Email Forums

  • Email Forums Committer Tools
    • Welcome to the MicroProfile Committer Tools site. If you want to Nominate a Committer, discuss IP logs, communicate with the PMC or Dev list, etc, then you’re in the right place.
  • MicroProfile Community Google Forum
    • Welcome to the MicroProfile Community discussion! If you want to optimize Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture, then you’re in the right place.
  • MicroProfile Marketing Google Forum
    • Welcome to the MicroProfile Marketing discussion! If you want to broadcast the MicroProfile technology around the world by simplifying messages, creating & maintaining processes that scale & brainstorming new ideas, then you’re in the right place.
  • MicroProfile Working Group Eclipse mailing list
    • Welcome to the Eclipse MPWG formal discussion! If you want to learn and participate in how the MicroProfile Steering Committee handles the working group processes such as ballots, votes, releases… then you’re in the right place.
  • Cloud-Native For Java Alliance, CN4J Alliance forum
    • Welcome to the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE discussion! If you are interested in technical & not-technical CN4J goal discussions, then you’re in the right place.
  • Eclipse Foundation Team GitHub IDs- Contact Information
    • If you need to collaborate with the Eclipse Foundation Team on any specific task associated with the project such as Ops, Marketing, or Infrastructure, find the individual’s gitID & submit your ticket request via the MPWG git issues & the MicroProfile Marketing.


Marketing resources 

MicroProfile Branding Resources provides the MicroProfile community with access to MP Logos and Members’ Logos, Branding Materials, Project Colors and Fonts, Sessions Social Media Cards, Speaker Google Presentation Slides, Access to the MP Community Drive, etc

MicroProfile Brand Manual describes the visual and verbal elements that represent MicroProfile branding identity. This includes our name, logo, and other elements such as color, type and graphics.


  • MicroProfile Twitter Managed 100% by MicroProfilers. If your MP tweet mentions @MicroProfileIO, it is likely the MicroProfile’s Admins might see it. MP technical content is highly likely re-tweeted.
  • MicroProfile Working Group Slack Any conversations that are crucial to the MPWG need to arrive at the public forums. For your information, the Slack platform utilized by Microprofile is the complimentary version, which does not include long-term archiving of messages.
  • MicroProfile Facebook
  • MicroProfile Youtube: Watch years worth of MicroProfilers open-discussions.
  • MicroProfile Linkedin