MicroProfile 4.1 Compatible Implementations

MicroProfile 4.1

This is the first release defining the compatible implementation requirements. MicroProfile Health included in the MicroProfile 4.1 platform has been updated with new features to meet the needs of its growing developer base while the other 7 MicroProfile specifications remain unchanged. As a minor release, MicroProfile 4.1 does not include incompatible changes.

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Compatible Implementations for MicroProfile 4.1

Java version
Open Liberty
Java 8, 11
Payara Enterprise 5.37.0
Java 8
Payara Enterprise (Web Profile) 5.37.0
Java 8
Payara Community 5.2022.2
Java 8
Payara Community (Web Profile) 5.2022.2
Java 8
Payara Enterprise 5.38.0
Java 8
Payara Enterprise (Web Profile) 5.38.0
Java 8

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