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Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle

The Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle contains the most comprehensive e-book and video course to start learning Eclipse MicroProfile. It covers all twelve Eclipse MicroProfile specifications with hands-on examples and is constantly updated with each new MicroProfile release.

Not only does it help MicroProfile newcomers, but it also helps seasoned Java EE and Jakarta EE developers to enrich their existing applications with missing features.

While working with this Course Bundle, you’ll:

  • get hands-on experience with each MicroProfile specification
  • write cloud-native applications with ease
  • learn how to add missing parts (e.g. Open API support, JWT Auth, Resiliency, etc.) to an existing Enterprise Java application

The Course Bundle was recently updated to now cover Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3. With this minor release, the e-book now covers:

  • Eclipse MicroProfile Config 1.3
  • Eclipse Fault Tolerance 2.1
  • Eclipse MicroProfile Health 2.2
  • Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics 2.3
  • Eclipse MicroProfile Rest Client 1.4

For two new features of this MicroProfile 3.3 release (@SimplyTimed and CDI support in ClientHeadersFactory), there is now also a dedicated video course section available.

Check it out!
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