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ebook: Building an API Backend with MicroProfile

By Documentation, ebook, Tutorial No Comments Background on e-book project and its value,  a few weeks ago, after requesting open feedback from the MicroProfile Community and participating in the Community hangout  dated 2/19/19, I was a part of the ebook’s Q&A.   Excited, I started working on a MicroProfile ebook called Building an API Backend with MicroProfile. The ebook…

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Eclipse MicroProfile Starter (Beta) Available

By MicroProfile Community, Microservices No Comments

Get your projects started quickly.   Starting today, MicroProfile Starter (Beta) is available. MicroProfile Starter is a new resource for developers to learn how to get started with MicroProfile. MicroProfile Starter helps developers kickstart their microservices development journey, choosing the runtime they’re most comfortable with from the list of available…

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