MicroProfile, a knight or just another pawn [Part 1 of 2]

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Do you really need a sledgehammer to crack a nut?   Seeing the number of aspects that need to be covered to achieve the end goal, this blog post is divided into 2 parts. This first part explains the need, possible solution, introduction to MicroProfile, project set-up and implementation of…

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Announcing the IntelliJ Plugin for MicroProfile Starter

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Today, the MicroProfile community would like to announce the availability of the IntelliJ plugin for MicroProfile Starter. In order to install the plugin, you need to have the IntelliJ installed, then go to File > Settings > Plugins and search for “MicroProfile Starter” and click on the “Install” button. As…

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Database Enabled Microservices with Tomee and MicroProfile

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https://dev.to/geefygeorge/database-enabled-microservices-with-tomee-and-microprofile-1afb Creating database enabled Microservices with Tomee and MicroProfile is a fairly straightforward task. In this five (5) minutes article, I’m going to highlight the key points you, as a developer out to consider. Disclosure, we’ll be looking at code, however this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial.

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Build your MicroProfile Apps Quickly with Boost

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The Boost Vision The Open Liberty team would like to share some Maven/Gradle function with the MicroProfile community, which we’ve been prototyping as the “Boost” plugin. The “Boost” approach abstracts away from the end-user developer the details of installing and configuring an individual MicroProfile implementation with the deployed project application,…

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Eclipse MicroProfile Starter (Beta) Available

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Get your projects started quickly.   Starting today, MicroProfile Starter (Beta) is available. MicroProfile Starter is a new resource for developers to learn how to get started with MicroProfile. MicroProfile Starter helps developers kickstart their microservices development journey, choosing the runtime they’re most comfortable with from the list of available…

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