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This MicroProfile specification aims at providing a unified Java API for the OpenAPI v3 specification, that all application developers can use to expose their API documentation.

  • The spec APIs are composed of annotations, models, and programming interfaces.

  • The spec documentation outlines the rules and boundaries of the spec.

  • To chat or ask questions about the spec, join the discussion on Gitter: microprofile open api

  • For announcements, visit the MicroProfile Google Group.

  • Extended examples that supplement the spec can be found here.

  • Eclipse release information and further logistics about the project can be found here.

How to contribute

Do you want to contribute to this project? Here is what you can do:

Help optimize Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture.

Join the MicroProfile Google Group, peruse recent topics or create your own, and join in on the conversation. It's that easy!