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This specification is to adopt OpenTelemetry from CNCF to allow MicroProfile Applications benefit from OpenTelemetry and enable Jakarta RESTful Web Services automatically being traced if configured.

Released versions

Telemetry 1.0:    Javadocs    |    Spec PDF     |    Spec html

OpenTracing moves to OpenTelemetry

With the merge of OpenTracing and OpenCensus, OpenTelemetry holds the future. OpenTelemetry consists of Tracing, Logging, Metrics and Baggage support.

Structure of this Specification

Since OpenTelemetry has three main parts and an additional one: Tracing, Metrics, Logging and Baggage for additional information, i.e. to link between them. This specification potentially adopts all three main parts when they are stable in OpenTelemetry. If this is the case, they will appear as submodules in this specification. For instance, you can find details related to tracing from the directory of tracing. This top level project specifies a particular version of OpenTelemetry to pull in so that all submodules can work together.

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