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MicroProfile, an Open-Source Community that collaborates on enterprise Java microservices, would like to announce the release of MicroProfile 4.0.

MicroProfile 4.0 is the first version released by the recently-formed MicroProfile Working Group within the Eclipse Foundation. This important milestone demonstrates the commitment of the MicroProfile community and the Eclipse Foundation to drive innovative and open technology and processes into the industry. The release follows the new MicroProfile Specification Process, a compatible specialization of the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process that adds agility to the release process to meet the MicroProfile release cadence.

The release updates the core programming model to support CDI 2.0, JAX-RS 2.1, JSON-B 1.0, and JSON-P 1.1 as specified under the Jakarta EE Working Group. More specifically, MicroProfile 4.0 supports the javax.* namespace supported by Jakarta EE 8.

Finally, the specifications included in the MicroProfile 4.0 platform have been updated with new features to meet the needs of its growing developer base. As a major release, MicroProfile 4.0 includes incompatible changes.

MicroProfile 4.0 component specification updates

Figure 1: MicroProfile Specifications

Figure 1 outlines the specifications included in MicroProfile 4.0 and standalone specifications. The MicroProfile 4.0 component specification updates are outlined below and are also available in the MicroProfile 4.0 presentation.

Additional benefits include:

The MicroProfile community is thriving and always on the lookout for new members to join the family. This Open Source community cares about its members and will do its best to keep the hurdles of getting involved as low as possible.

Additional information:

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After Release Necessary: MicroProfile 4.0.1

It turned out the pom.xml produced by MicroProfile 4.0 does not pull in the dependencies (see here for more details). We have rectified the issue and released MicroProfile 4.0.1. In order to get the full set of APIs included by MicroProfile 4.0, you need to specify the following dependency in your pom.xml.



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