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MicroProfile Talks at SouJava: Videos

By December 3, 2018December 4th, 2018No Comments

SouJava created a series of videos with the main implementers of Microprofile, each video is composed of members representing Payara, Tomitribe, IBM and Red Hat.

In addition to having done two talks with members of SouJava that can be seen here:

MicroProfile – Rhuan Henrique – pt-br

Encontro técnico de Outubro 2016 [MicroProfile] – pt-br

MicroProfile, Apache TomEE Now & Beyond[MicroProfile Tomitribe]

Payara MicroProfile – Micro(er) than Payara Micro![MicroProfile Payara]

MicroProfile at IBM: Enabling creation of Cloud Native

MicroProfile: Accelerating the adoption of Java [ MicroProfile RedHat]

Daniel Dias

Author Daniel Dias

Board Member of SouJava, member of the JCP, contributor of the JSR-371 (MVC 1.0), JSR-382 (Configuration API 1.0) and Expert Group JSR-385 (Units of Measurement 2.0) specifications, as well as taking the first steps in the contribution of Open Source projects.

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