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MicroProfile Community Position on Jakarta EE javax Namespace Transition

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There has been a recent update on the Jakarta EE rights to Java trademarks. It is worth a read in detail since there will be a future impact on the Eclipse MicroProfile specifications.  To be brief, Jakarta EE specifications can use the existing Java EE-related apis defined under the javax namespace, but will not be able to evolve the javax namespace. That means no additions, deletions, or modifications of existing javax APIs. The Jakarta EE community has an active discussion (thread title: “Transitioning Jakarta EE to the jakarta namespace”) discussing how to address the transition from the javax namespace to a jakarta namespace.

Current MicroProfile Status

MicroProfile is proceeding with its MicroProfile 3.0 release this month (June 11th, 2019) that utilizes Java EE 8 specification names and will use the javax namespace, including CDI, JAX-RS, JSON-P, JSON-B, and Common Annotations.

The MicroProfile community does not have a defined position on how to proceed with the namespace transition, and is awaiting a formal Jakarta EE community decision.  However, many MicroProfile community members are also Jakarta EE community members and have been voicing their thoughts either on the aforementioned discussion thread or via various social media outlets in the context of the broader Jakarta EE community discussion.

Future MicroProfile Plans

The MicroProfile Community is awaiting a final Jakarta EE namespace decision, at which time it will begin the discussion on how to proceed. Jakarta EE 8 plans to continue using the javax.* namespace and, thus, will have no immediate impact on MicroProfile. The earliest potential impact to MicroProfile will likely be Jakarta EE 9, pending the final outcome of the namespace discussion. Stay tuned.

John Clingan

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John Clingan is a Senior Principal Product Manager in Red Hat Middleware focusing on next-generation platforms. He is also an Eclipse MicroProfile co-founder and committer. Prior to Red Hat John spent 8 years as the GlassFish and Java EE product manager at Oracle and Sun Microsystems. John has 30 years of industry experience (he's kinda old) including software development, technical sales and consulting, and product management. John is a co-founder of and committer on Eclipse MicroProfile. He also has 10+ years of experience teaching Cal State and University of California Extension Java courses to intellectually hungry Java students.

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