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We are happy to announce that the Garden State Java User Group (GSJUG) has joined the MicroProfile Working Group (MPWG) as of January 2021. We follow the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) as the second JUG to be part of the working group. Serving on the Steering Committee as primary and alternate representatives are Barry Burd and Michael Redlich, respectively.

GSJUG and MicroProfile: Perfect Together!

As we are based in New Jersey, we couldn’t help to adapt the New Jersey slogan, “New Jersey and You: Perfect Together” that was popular in the 1980s. Since the early days of MicroProfile, we have contributed with blog posts, presentations and InfoQ news. The GSJUG directors agreed that it was only natural to pursue membership in the MicroProfile Working Group to further our commitment to MicroProfile. We look forward to participating in many activities.

What This Means to GSJUG Members

Under the new MicroProfile Working Group Charter, MicroProfile continues to be an open-source project with open communications. Members of GSJUG have the ability to help steer the direction of MicroProfile through our participation in the MPWG Steering Committee. Our members are encouraged to get involved!

About the Garden State Java User Group

Founded by Michael Redlich in February 2001 as the ACGNJ Java Users Group, the group was officially rebranded as the Garden State Java User Group as of October 1, 2020 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The GSJUG leadership team is composed of four directors, leaders and advisors.

GSJUG Leadership

  • Michael Redlich – Founder and Director
  • Barry Burd – Director
  • Chandra Guntur – Director
  • Paul Syers – Director
  • Neha Sardana – Leader
  • Scott Selikoff – Leader
  • Paul Furbacher – Advisor
  • Diane Liporace – Advisor
  • Vincent Mayers – Advisor
  • Pratik Patel – Advisor
  • Ari Waller – Advisor


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