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e-Book Update: The MicroProfile Course Bundle Now Supports Release 3.3

Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle
The Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle contains the most comprehensive e-book and video course to start learning Eclipse MicroProfile. It covers all twelve Eclipse MicroProfile specifications with hands-on examples and is constantly updated with each new MicroProfile release. Not only does it help MicroProfile newcomers, but it also helps seasoned Java...
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MicroProfile GraphQL 1.0 released

Today we released the first version of the new MicroProfile GraphQL specification that will reside outside of the MicroProfile Umbrella specification. The intent of the MicroProfile GraphQL specification is to provide a “code-first” set of APIs that will enable users to quickly develop portable GraphQL-based applications in Java. There are…

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Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 is Now Available

Eclipse MicroProfile, an open forum to collaborate on enterprise Java microservices specifications, would like to announce the release of Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3. Like its previous version, MicroProfile 3.3 continues to align itself with CDI, JAX-RS, JSON-P, and JSON-B as the foundational programming model for the development of Java microservices. The…

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