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Eclipse MicroProfile 2.1 is Now Available

By October 19, 2018March 19th, 2019No Comments

The Eclipse MicroProfile Contributors, an open forum to collaborate on enterprise Java microservices, would like to announce the release of Eclipse MicroProfile 2.1.

Eclipse MicroProfile 2.1, which builds on the 2.0 version, updates the Open Tracing API. Like its previous version, MicroProfile 2.1 continues to align itself with Java EE 8 as the foundational programming model for the development of Java microservices.

The updated version of Open Tracing adds logging exceptions thrown by explicit instrumentation, server operation name provider, and support for server side skip pattern among other things.

Benefits of MicroProfile 2.1 are:

  • Continued alignment to Java EE 8
  • A richer feature set for Open Tracing
  • Additional features offering more functionality for implementing enterprise Java microservices
  • All these APIs offer CDI-based and programmatic easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Interoperability across different MicroProfile implementations provides users the freedom to select one or combine many MicroProfile implementations in an application
  • A thorough set of artifacts for each API, including a Test Compatibility Kit (TCK), Javadoc, PDF document for download, API Maven artifact coordinates, Git tag, and downloads (spec and source code)

Eclipse MicroProfile continues to deliver additional value with each release and to successfully evolve with the dynamic help of all its community members. For example, the Reactive Streams Operator project plans to release standalone so that the community can consider, evaluate and assess its features and capabilities. Likewise, the MicroProfile project is moving to 3 releases per year, with tentative target dates of February 1, June 1, and October 1. Lastly, with the help and support of the community, has been re-platformed to make it easy for anyone to contribute to its blogs and content.

Future releases of Eclipse MicroProfile will update existing APIs and/or add new ones. For instance, the following diagram depicts the potential roadmap for MicroProfile 2.2:

In addition, the community has already started discussing the following topics:

  • Long Running Actions
  • Reactive Streams
  • Reactive Events
  • Data Access
  • Event Data
  • Service meshes
  • Concurrency

Eclipse MicroProfile continues to forge ahead enabling enterprise Java microservices development for enterprise Java developers. Join community members developing existing specifications, or help with R&D on relevant topics, or even form a group to cover some innovating new idea!

For more information on MicroProfile 2.1, please refer to:

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